About Me

Hey, Sharlin here!

My goal is to be one of the best Coaches & Therapist out there who helps individuals shift from a life of stagnantion to a much more fulfilled life.

I grew up in a household with five siblings (I am the eldest), attention was not given freely and I was exposed to a lot of emotional abuse by family members. This resulted in me growing up living an unfulfilled life for many years as I lacked self-worth and could not see any potential I had. 

Fast forwards a few years............When I began my final year studying to become a Therapist I was classed as homeless with two children, in a substantial amount of debt, going through a relationship breakdown and could not see any way out of these issues I was faced with. 

As of today, I am now living a purposeful life which I have created and enjoy waking up each morning!!

The saying that "you can have whatever you want" did not sit well with me as I believed there was no truth in that. well I am living proof that you can live the life you desire. Having built a succesful business of my own in Coaching / Therapy and other ventures I have I now want to support others to avhieve their goals. 

How I Work

Whilst working together I intend to support you from a non-judgemental and empathic approach in order for you to gain clarity and understanding as to what path you may want to navigate through, in doing so I intend to make you feel empowered and clear as to what direction you intend to take, whilst offering a safe space to explore any limiting beliefs that may arise.

I have been supporting clients for a number of years with a range of presenting challenges / issues and have been able to offer value to all clients.

I ensure I undergo intense training when required in order to add value to all my clients. I am a qualified integrative therapist as well as a coach therefore, I will support you in exploring what is subconsciously limiting you from reaching your potential goals as this has an impact on your feelings and feelings which result in your actions.

All clients are listened too and understood. It is your safe space to be open and explore. We will walk this journey together so you are not alone through this process.

My 1:1 Coaching service available on a 3 month tailored signature programme, programmes are specifically tailored for each individual as each client is different and this is taken into account when working with you.

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